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Amplitude Clinical Outcomes provides market leading software, globally recognised, used for the collection, management and reporting of clinical and patient reported outcomes.

Amplitude’s software enables the electronic capturing and monitoring of patient reported outcomes as well as clinical data, that puts patients into correct clinical context (including case mix adjustment factors), allowing the effective monitoring of patient progress in real-time, for the treatment of post elective / emergency / trauma surgery, chronic illnesses and diseases, mental health conditions and other
clinical specialities.


What can Amplitude do?

Amplitude is the UK’s leading provider of clinical data collection software, used for Clinical & Patient Reported Outcomes, Virtual Follow Up & Triage Clinics, Chronic Illness Patient Monitoring & Patient Experience Measures.  There are various platforms available for use by Individual Clinicians, Teams & Departments, Research Projects and Post Market Surveillance.

What makes Amplitude unique is the vast amount of pre-loaded clinical data that enables clinicians the ability to add appropriate and accurate case mix adjustment and monitor the progress of patients, picking up deviations from expected recovery and any post intervention complications.
Being web based, the system gives patients the freedom to complete scores on line, anywhere and on any device.  The clinicians’ dashboard gives clinicians the ability to quickly input treatment and patient specific data.  All data is retained locally and is available in real-time for reporting and analysis.

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Patient Reported Outcomes - Amplitude Clinical Outcomes -
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Amplitude pro series™

Amplitude pro enterprise - Amplitude Clinical Outcomes -

For Units, Departments & Hospitals

Amplitude pro enterprise™ is the first product to give an accurate, ‘whole picture’ view of your department or hospital’s performance. The platform captures and reports on clinical outcomes for all patients or just specified groups e.g. registry patients or specific studies.

pro enterprise™ allows a team to collect data that is representative, accurate and meaningful giving you insight into your clinical outcomes.  Take back control of your data, retain it locally and provide valid evidence of the care you provide.

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Amplitude pro registry - Amplitude Clinical Outcomes - -

For Clinical Societies & Specialist Research

As a clinician, healthcare professional or researcher, you need accurate and meaningful outcomes data to learn more about treatments, diseases, injuries and procedures relevant to your speciality.

The ideal is to be able to collect standardised comparable data from a representative cohort of patients over a long period of time to enable in-depth research and analysis. Amplitude’s pro registry™ platform offers a simple and effective solution that allows you to collect and analyse data on national or international scale.

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Amplitude Clinical Outcomes

For individual Surgeons & Physicians

pro one™ gives an individual clinician the control to collect and manage clinical outcomes for all patients, both NHS and private, in one single platform.

The software is simple, web based and enables the clinician to automate outcomes collection pre and post intervention. With this process managed, the clinician can focus on validating data from the consultant dashboard, ensuring that it is fair and reflective of the practice undertaken.

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Amplitude Pro Series Functionality

The Amplitude pro series has clinical priorities and needs at their heart, reinforced with the relevant security and innovation expected in a modern healthcare environment.

Our platform storage is cloud based with all the relevant security required to be an accredited supplier to NHS Digital. The platform has been developed to ensure secure, fast and scalable deployment.

Amplitude Platform Features

All three platform options from Amplitude provide the following universal features;

Unlimited number of patients

Unlimited Questionnaires

In context of patient’s existing medical conditions

Accredited provider to the NHS

Unlimited number of delegates for data entry

Automated email service

Purpose built medical portal

Specific to the treatment, disease and diagnosis

Questionnaires collected and reviewed in real-time

Set defaults for personal user experience

Personal Account and Project Manager

pro enterprise™

Available for the whole department

Can integrate with PAS and EPR systems

Direct upload data to National PROMs

Ability to interchange with registries and other technology partners

Easy transfer of patients between clinicians and care settings

Customisable task sets to allow departments to capture above and beyond the fundamental requirements

Branded platform

Tailored to your departments needs

Patients can self register

pro registry™

Create your own data set with our clinical team

Ability to gather large volumes of clinical or anonymised data about specific diseases

Knowledge and experience in creating new registries, launch and increasing engagement

Fully digital and accessible

Choice of Languages in patient portal

Access to 110’s of pre-populated, accredited scores


pro one™

Available for 1-5 clinicians

Can integrate with PAS and EPR systems

Direct upload data to National PROMs

Ability to interchange with registries and other technology partners

Bespoke Account Manager

Training included in the package

Collates data and reporting for clinical revalidation

30 day free trial

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